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10 Reasons to choose DanceSport Club as your Event Venue

Tables and chairs available in our event venue

Search no more, DanceSport Club is a perfect place for events of various sizes. We can accommodate both small baby showers that require space for 20 people as well as large weddings for up to 150 people.
Choosing Dance Lessons that are best for Your Child
Choosing Dance Lessons that are best for Your ChildIn order to design the best learning strategy for your child it is important to start with figuring out what you want him/her to achieve from taking dance lessons.
3 Reasons to take Dance Lessons
3 Reasons to take Dance LessonsWe do a lot of different things for a variety of reasons. Those reasons can be practical such as getting a job to pay rent. Others volunteer at pet shelters for purely altruistic motives, just to help the cause. Whatever we do, that activity needs to make us happy, otherwise, why do it? So if you ever pondered why you should start ballroom dancing here are some reasons our students told us were their motivations.
When should I start taking dance lessons?
When should I start taking dance lessons?People start dancing at different stages of life from childhood to “golden ages”. Thus, wherever you are now, you are not alone, because there may be many people like you starting to dance now and enjoying it a lot.