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10 Reasons to choose DanceSport Club as your Event Venue

Many of us at one time in our lives have organized a party, or event, or meeting, something that gets people together. It could have been a small birthday party or bigger office Christmas party or wedding. Regardless of what it was the main decision was where to have it!

Finding the right place to have your event is crucial. There are many reasons to consider such as size of the place, available parking, operating hours etc. You may want to host your birthday at your own apartment only to find out that you can’t have guests past a certain time. In addition parking will surely be a problem. This is when many people realize that they need to look for a place that is specifically designed to host events of various sizes.

Search no more, DanceSport Club is a perfect place for events of various sizes. We can accommodate both small baby showers that require space for 20 people as well as large weddings for up to 150 people. Here are 10 very good reasons why you should consider DanceSport Club for hosting your event.

DanceSport Club affordable event venue in Houston

1. Affordable Event Venue.

We do not charge you an arm and leg to host your event. We understand that people need space to have good time, however are not willing to pay high hotel prices. Therefore, we provide affordable hourly rates for our event spaces. Our smallest Junior Ballroom is just $85 per hour. If you are OK with the existing layout you are good to go. However, for a reasonable fee we accommodate special requests to rearrange tables and chairs according to customer specifications.

DanceSport Club event venue for different size groups

2. Event Venue for different size groups.

Whether your event will have 10 or 110 guests we can help. As a matter of fact we can accommodate events for up to 150 people. We have 3 different room configurations. Junior Ballroom is good for parties of up to 30 people. Ballroom A or B are good for groups of up to 75 guests. If your event will have over 100 guests we highly recommend our Grand Ballroom. There will be plenty of space for everyone.

Bring your own food to our event venue

3. Bring your own food.

Bring whatever food you want. We do not have our own menu or catering service, thus we allow “outside food” for FREE! Unlike hotels that want to sell you their own food, we understand that not every party is a cookie-cutter event. If you want to bring homemade food, just do it. If you want to arrange catering, go ahead. We will gladly work with any reasonable food arrangement.

Bring your own drinks to our event venue in Houston

4. Bring your own drinks.

Bring any drinks that you want. Do not limit yourself to hotel menu, create your own. If you are not creative, find company that will organize a bar for your guests. We allow alcohol beverages to be consumed on premises. However, in case of events that serve alcohol, for the safety your guests we require security personnel. You can arrange your own security or use ours.

Private event venue in Houston

5. Private environment

DanceSport Club is a free-standing building with its own parking. This is not a hotel or convention center. Therefore, especially in the evening your guests may be the only people on the premises (plus staff members). This creates a unique private environment where you party on your own! No party crashers wandering around like in hotels.

Convenient event venue location in Houston

6. Convenient location

Location is key. How many times were you invited to someone’s party and got lost trying to find the location? Probably not once. DanceSport Club is located off the feeder road along Southwest Freeway. We are very close to Beltway 8. This location provides very easy access for virtually any part of Houston. With large signage and pylon sign your guests are sure to find us day or night.

Event venue with plenty of parking in Houston

7. Plenty of parking

We have plenty of parking for your guests. Parking lot is well lit. In case you have a very large party adjacent businesses allow parking after hours.

Clean event venue in Houston

8. Clean facility

We pride ourselves with having very large and clean bathrooms. We have never had a problem with people waiting in line to go to bathroom.

Tables and chairs available in our event venue

9. Tables and chairs available

Our facility is equipped with tables and chairs. No need to rent them somewhere else. There is no extra charge for using them. You are welcome to use different tablecloths and chair covers if you wish.

Cool event venue in houston

10. Plain cool

DanceSport Club is a dance studio. We have high ceiling and dance floor, it looks just like ballroom. If you want to have some dancing during your party this is a great place to host your event. We also have a great sound system so that you can play your favorite tunes. In addition, if you wish, our dance instructors can teach a dance lesson for your guests (for an extra fee). We look forward to meeting you and helping you plan your next event!

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