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Best Type of Children Dance Classes for Beginners

If your child has expressed an interest in taking dance classes, you may be wondering which type of dance classes are best for a beginner. There are many choices of dance classes and it may be difficult to make right decision. So, which is the right type of dance class for your child? It depends on several factors with major one being child’s age.

Ballet dance classes for children 3-5 years old

Dance classes for children 3-5 years old:

If your child is younger than 5 and has expressed interest in dancing, we highly recommend basic ballet dance class as a good start. Ballet uses quite simple but very effective movements to help your child with the coordination, discipline, balance and muscle strength. At this young age children need guidance and discipline so that they can develop and successfully continue dancing when they are older.

Ballroom dance classes for children 6-10 years old

Dance classes for children 6-10 years old

If your child is between six and ten years old, they may have different needs. At this age children are already more developed and their coordination and muscle strength allows them to do more difficult dance moves. We have noticed that many children of this age group lose interest in ballet because of lack of significant movement. Ballet is a somewhat stationary type of dance which is great for very little children; however, older kids require more activity.

Therefore for older children between 6-10 years old we highly recommend starting to dance some Ballroom or Latin. These dance styles are more active and require more coordination, which is challenging, yet still fun for kids. In addition, using modern music, including some popular songs for Ballroom and Latin classes keeps children more engaged in the process of learning since they start realizing practical applications of their dance classes.

Ballroom dance classes for children over 10 years old

Dance classes for children over 10 years old

Children over 10 years older are already well developed physically, emotionally and intellectually to attempt something challenging. Therefore we definitely recommend children of this age group to try Ballroom and Latin dance classes.

In addition to learning how to dance children will learn more about partnering skills since these dance styles are designed to be danced with a partner. Having partners teaches children basics of team work and respect to their peers.

In addition to taking dance lessons we highly encourage older children to participate in showcase, performances and dance competitions. Doing so allows them to develop much needed real-world skills such as focus, confidence and ability to perform in public.