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3 Benefits of children dance performances

Children dance performances at DanceSport Club in Houston

Once every couple of months our usually busy DanceSport Club gets even busier. We have students running around, practicing, trying costumes, parents getting tickets. What is going on? It is show time!

At DanceSport Club we host several show events. One of the bigger ones is our well-known Holiday Dance Showcase. The Holiday Dance Showcase is a culmination of a year when we celebrate dance. Students from our group dance classes and private students all perform their own choreographies in front of friends and families. People dress up. We have food and snacks too to make this evening more fun.

We also hold a Spring Dance Showcase which is customarily smaller and more casual. The Spring Showcase is a good place for beginner students to “wet their feet” in performing.

We strongly encourage our dance students to participate in all dance performances. Whether it is a smaller or bigger showcase, it is an experience worth having. There are several reasons why your child should participate in dance performance too. We will focus on 3 main reasons why dance performances are good for children taking dance classes.

Establishing goals in children dance performances at DanceSport Club in Houston

1. Establishing goals.

Having goals and trying to achieve them is important in life. And so is in dancing. Taking dance classes is great, but how do you know if your child is learning? Having tangible and achievable goal at some point in time is important for dance students so that they can stay focused and engaged in dance classes.

It is very similar to regular school where students normally take tests in the end of semester to demonstrate that they mastered the material. The main difference in case of Showcase is that everyone gets an “A”!

Thus, we believe that it is important for dance students to participate in dance performances so that they learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them. This experience will help them to succeed at regular school and later in life.

Performing in public at children dance performances at DanceSport Club in Houston

2. Performing in public

We believe that it is important for children to learn early in life how to behave and perform in public.

Dance performances such as Dance Showcase is a formal event where many people (about 100 on average in our case) come together to celebrate. It is important for children to learn how to behave at such public events. Children learn how to stay calm and focused and how to respect other performers. This experience will definitely help children later in life when attending important events.

Connecting with families at children dance performances at DanceSport Club in Houston

3. Connecting with families

Most dance performances, including our Dance Showcase, are family friendly activities. This is the time when family members get together to meet and celebrate your child’s achievements.  Every child, including yours, wants his or her parents be proud of his or her achievements in dance. Therefore, help kids feel proud of their dance accomplishments. Bring all your family and cheer for performers. They worked hard and will sure appreciate your support!