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Professional Chambelan Job Training

Starting in January 2023 on Sundays we will be hosting our 6-Week Chambelan Training courses for boys 14-17 years old who would like to become professional Chambelanes. See more info below.

Chambelan training courses in Houston

Would you like to become a professional Chambelan? 

During our Chambelan dance training we will be teaching different dances. Training will also include learning dance steps, musicality, leading techniques and basic dance etiquette.

In the end of training session we will have a test to see how well students learned what have been taught. Those who pass the test will receive official DanceSport Club certificate indicating that you were trained in a particular dance suitable for quinceanera.

What is time and location of chambelan training?

Currently our training sessions will be held at DanceSport Club 11758 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77031. Classes will be on Sundays at 3pm. Each session consists of 6 classes. Each class 1 hour. First session will start on January 8, 2023.

Chambelan training classes in Houston

Is Chambelan something I would enjoy doing?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, this training is for you!

♥ Do you LOVE dancing?
♥ Would you like to be a part of a Quinceañera?
♥ Do you find yourself practicing your moves/dancing in front of the mirror?
♥ You often think about what steps you would do to the music you are listening to?

♥ Do you have some free time and would like to make extra cash dancing?

Do I need to have prior dance experience to become Chambelan?

No experience necessary. We welcome complete beginners. However, prior experience in any kind of dance would be helpful. Other helpful activities include playing musical instruments or playing sports. Playing sports improves coordination thus helping to learn dancing better.

Am I going to get a job after this training finishes?

Students who receive certificates will be included in our Chambelanes Pro Team (if they would like to). Studio routinely receives calls from parents looking for chambelanes. Thus, when we get a contract, we will select suitable and qualified members from our Pro Team to dance at any given Quinceanera.