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Unlimited Live Online Group Dance Classes

for Adults in Houston and Sugar Land

To make Houston's "Stay Home" order much sweeter we are offering you UNLIMITED Live online group classes for the Month of April, starting Monday, March 30! It is only $60/person for the whole month, which is about 300% percent savings (you would have paid $240 to attend all 4 in-person classes per month). To make the deal even better, once the lock down is over, we are converting all online participants into our regular face-to-face classes for the same price. Yes, if the "Stay Home" order is over on April 4, 2020 you can continue taking UNLIMITED group classes live at the studio paying nothing extra.

Dance every day, classes start 7pm (Spanish) 8pm (English) Monday-Thursday. Classes are 50 min long. You will need a computer or mobile device with internet connection, Google Hangout app and Google account to log in. If you don't have a Google account and app, we can help you get one, they're FREE.

If this schedule is not working for you or you prefer more individualized instruction, currently we also offer Online Private Dance Lessons. They are more flexible in scheduling and material that we teach.

April 2020 Online Group Classes

Unlimited Live Online Group Classes only $60/person
You will be able to participate in all 4 online group classes we are offering for April! Dance 4 times a week!

Beginner Salsa dance lesson Houston, TX

Newcomer Salsa

Monday 7pm (en Espanol), 8 pm (English)

Learn basics of fun and flirty Salsa! Simple steps and turns that would work great for your social dancing.

Country-Western dance classes houston and sugar land

Newcomer Country-Western

Tuesday 8pm

When in Texas, do what true Texans do - go Country Dancing! In this class learn basic steps of popular country dances such as Two Step and Country Waltz.

Beginner bachata dance lesson Houston, TX

Newcomer Cumbia / Bachata

Wednesday 7pm (en Espanol), 8pm (English)

Learn basic stes of sensual and romantic Social Latin dances Cumbia and Bachata and show off at clubs and parties!

Ballroom dance lesson Houston, TX - Newcomer Ballroom

Beginer Social Ballroom

Thursday 7pm (en Espanol), 8pm (English)

Learn basics of Social Ballroom dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot, ChaCha and Rumba.


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