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This is a collection of useful articles and tips related to social and competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing. Enjoy reading and do not forget to share with your friends!

When should I start taking dance lessons?

When should I start taking dance lessons?

People start dancing at different stages of life from childhood to “golden ages”. Thus, wherever you are now, you are not alone, because there may be many people like you starting to dance now and enjoying it a lot.

Choosing Dance Lessons that are best for Your Child

Choosing Dance Lessons that are best for Your Child

Both group and private dance lessons are good for your child. The best solution for improving your child's dancing is a combination of group dance classes and private dance lessons. Thus, whenever possible we want to talk to you to see what goals you have in mind, what you would like your child to achieve.

3 Reasons to take Dance Lessons

3 Reasons to take Dance Lessons

Whatever we do, that activity needs to make us happy, otherwise, why do it? So if you ever pondered why you should start ballroom dancing here are some reasons our students told us were their motivations.

10 Reasons to Choose DanceSport Club as your Event Venue

10 Reasons to Choose DanceSport Club as your Event Venue

DanceSport Club is a perfect place for events of various sizes . We can accommodate both small baby showers that require space for 20 people as well as large weddings for up to 150 people. Here are 10 very good reasons why you should consider DanceSport Club for hosting your event.

Ballroom dance organizations

Ballroom Dance Organizations

There is a variety of local, national and worldwide organizations that organize the world of Ballroom dancing. These dance organizations provide structure, training, organize events etc ...

Ballroom dance competitionsBallroom Dance Competitions

Whether you are an amateur or pro/am Ballroom dancer striving to improve your dance skills, Ballroom Dance Competitions is exactly what you need. With numerous dance competitions across the nation it is easy to find the one you like or just close enough to attend. Below, please find a list of Ballroom and Latin dance competitions across the country and in Houston metro area.

Salsa Dancing in Houston

Salsa Dancing is an essential part of Houston social and night life. Being so, multiple dance studios in Houston provide salsa lessons for beginner and advanced Houston salsa dancers. In addition numerous locations host dances so that you can go out salsa dancing every night. Several salsa dance societies promote salsa dancing and organize salsa dance competitions in Houston area. Below, please find a list of places where you can learn to dance salsa or dance salsa socially.

Children Age classificationsCompetitive Age Classifications

Dance competitions are normally organized so that people of very different ages do not compete with each other. This makes sense because 10 year old and 30 year old person has different level of abilities, maturity and amount of knowledge. Find out which group you or your child belong to in this article.

Ballroom dancesDescription of Ballroom and Latin Dances

Ever wondered what those misterious "Ballroom Dances" are? Find short descriptions of those dances here. If you need more detailed information about those Ballroom Dances look for articles on specific dance such as: Waltz Tango Viennese Waltz Foxtrot and Quickstep

LAtin dancesLatin American Dances explained in more details here: Samba Cha Cha, Rumba Paso Doble and Jive

Everybody loves social dancing. When you go to your local social dance you may find some dances other than traditionally considered Ballroom. Those social dances include: Salsa, Merengue, Swing , West Coast Swing, Country-Western

Basic Ballroom Dance Vocabulary

Here you will find a collection of Ballroom dancing terms that are commonly used by dancers. Educate yourself so that you do not get lost during conversation at your local dance studio!

Benefits of classical Ballet

When it comes to their kids, parents want them to have the best. Exposure to things like sports and the arts help them to become more well rounded young men and women.

Social dances

Glossary of Ballet Terms

Ballet dancers have their own language. They say things that regular people may not understand. Be prepared, this is a collection of Ballet terms that is commonly used in ballet dance classes.

Ballet PositionsBallet Positions

We all heard about "5th position". This is one of the ballet positions. There are quite a few more. Learn about them in this article.

History of Ballet

Learn where ballet came from, its historical origins and development through time.

International style ballroom syllabus International Standard Syllabus

In general, dance competitions are divided into Closed (Syllabus) and Open. In open competitions dancers can do whatever their hearts desire, as long as it falls within the style of dance. However, in syllabus competitions, dancers are restricted to stipulated steps. Those steps for Ballroom dances can be found in Pre-Bronze International Standard Syllabus and International Standard Bronze Syllabus

International latin style syllabusInternational Latin Syllabus

Dance competitions consist of Closed (Syllabus) and Open divisions. In open competitions dancers can do any steps that are within the style of dance. However, in syllabus competitions, dancers are restricted to stipulated steps. Those steps for Latin-American dances can be found inPre-Bronze International Latin Syllabus and Bronze International Latin Syllabus


Dance Articles

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Dance jokesDance Jokes

Dancer are very dedicated people. They take lessons and practice a lot. For non-dancers they may appear not very fun. However, dance world has it own kind of Dance Jokes. Those jokes may not be easily understood by others, but dance folks get the point.

Dance quotesDance Quotes

Like in any other profession, there are many famous and inspirational personalities in Ballroom dancing. When feeling down and need a boost, check out our collection of Dance Quotes , it will make your day much better.

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