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Children Ballet Dance Lessons in Houston and Sugar Land

Ballet Dance lessons are a great way for kids to start learn to dance. With long history of ballet dancing , many todays great dancers started this way. Learning to dance in a group is fun, and your child can make many new friends!

Starting Ballet dance at a young age is very rewarding in a long run. Benefits of ballet for children are numerous. First, it involves children in a constructive activity which they can enjoy for many years, even when they become adults. Second, dancing releases kid's extra energy in a productive way (would you prefer your child watch TV or do some dancing?). Third, dancing provides children with a community of friends, with whom they socialize and interact in a positive, respectful manner. Below, please find a schedule of children dance classes.

November 2019 Schedule.

Beginner Ballet Dance lessons in Houston

Beginner Ballet, Child 4-8 years old

Saturday 11am

Description: This class is the student's first introduction to formal ballet class structure. Ballet students learn to listen to music, recognize beat. Basic stretching and strengthening exercises are introduced including. Students are starting to get familiar with ballet vocabulary.Basic balance and coordination exercises are introduced. Dance students also learn basic ballet positions of the arms, legs and feet..

$60.00 / month

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FAQ about Kids Ballet Dance Classes

What is the dress code?

Students are required to wear proper Ballet dance attire. We require the following items as shown on the picture:

Dress code for ballet dance classes1) Pink leotard

2) pink ballet shoes

3) pink tights

4) dance skirt is optional

All these dance items can be purchased at International Dance Design dance store which is conveniently located next door to our studio. They offer special discount for our dance student. Simply mention that your child is taking ballet classes at DanceSport Club. They are familiar with our dress code and will help you to equip your child for ballet dance class.

Will there be a recital?

Of course! We organize Holiday Dance Showcase in the end of each year for all our dance students. It is normally in December qround Christmas time. We highly recommend students to participate. It is a wonderful feeling to see our student work hard towards a goal and perform what they've learned in front of an audience with the encourage of our teachers, staff, friends, and of course, family!

For Holiday Dance Showcase we normally organize a group performance so that everybody has a chance to aprticipate. Doing group dance performance also makes it easier for those children that never performed dance before.

ballet dance performance - Holiday Dance Showcase ballet dance performance - Holiday Dance Showcase ballet dance performance - Holiday Dance Showcase

Can my child take additional dance classes?

Sure. We offer many other dance classes for these age groups including Ballroom and Latin dance for Children and Hip Hop for Children.


Fees & Billing Questions

How do we register?

You can register for Children's Hip Hop dance classes in several ways. Follow the link on this page and register online. You can also stop by the studio and register in person. This will give you an opportunity to see our facility.

How much dance classes cost?

Monthly cost for Child Hip Hop dance class is $60, which includes 4 once-a-week hip hop dance classes.

When is payment due?

For new students, payment is due upon registration. For returning students payment is due the 1 class of every month. You will receive an email with the link to submit your payment. Alternatively you can pay at the studio cash or credit card. No checks.

Should I expect extra fees?

We do not have registration fees. However, you will need to supply your young dancer with appropriate dance attire such as dance shoes, proper clothing for class and any costumes required for Holiday Showcase.

Is there a fee for Holiday Showcase?

There is no fee for your child to participate in the Holiday Dance Showcase. However, there may be costuming cost involved, depending on what we decide to do for Showcase. Family members are required to purchase tickets to watch the recital.

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